Personal Protective Wear.

Personal Protective Wear (PPW)

Personal Protective Wear (PPW) was an exclusive attire for science & technology personnel, commonly referred to as PPE.

It was typically, for the biologist wearing gloves, masks and lab coats doing molecular testing.

or for the Mechanical Engineer wearing coveralls and gloves assembling tools.

or astronaut wearing spacesuits on the moon…

Fast forward to now where a harrowing pandemic requires all of us human beings  on the planet to wear PPW for our own safety and safety of others.

That is the premise of PPW; to be healthy and safe first so that you can work safely and keep the environment & people around you safe.

PPW/ PPE is not just for the laboratory now, we all have an obligation to keep ourselves protected with masks and gloves so we can maintain world health and safety.


Our team sees the spike in global demand for PPW and works tirelessly to ensure client requests of PPW are met quickly.

Most suppliers have leveraged the increase in global demand to  increase prices, sadly this is the law of supply and demand.

This presents a challenge for low income corporations and nations struggling to maintain safety of personnel because they can’t afford to.

We appreciate this challenge so that’s the reason our team maintains good relationships with  renowned manufacturers of PPW in Europe to ensure we get constant affordable supply of PPW in a timely manner and good discount deals.

Masks, Gloves & Finger Protection - Steroplast

Hydraulic filter

Modern high pressure hydraulic systems are becoming more demanding than ever with longevity and reliability of components becoming  standard expectations, meaning that hydraulic components with smaller tolerance and greater sensitivity to contamination are sought after,

Prowling lions knows that higher standards of performance for any hydraulic system is a prerequisite  and strives to get competitive access to both leading and niche hydraulic filters and filtration equipment manufactures all around the world. including ATEX approved (explosion proof)

MP Filtri High-Pressure Filter




Explosion proof floodlights

Explosion proof floodlights

Explosion proof floodlights are suitable for heavy industrial and marine applications.

Key Features

  • Material is either marine grade stainless steel or aluminium to provide corrosion resistance.
  • light weight and portable.
  • Water proof and dust proof therefore suitable for use in offshore and onshore hazardous areas.
  • Working temperature of up to 130℃.
  • The wattage varies from  20- 1000W.
  • Provides white crisp light off up to 13,600 lumens

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T4 series New Holland Tractor

T4 Series New Holland Tractor

The  T4 series New Holland Tractor has an advanced Common Rail engine that gives it high performance and improved fuel efficiency.


The tractor’s power curve is flat between 1900 and 2100 rpm which offers sustained power during demanding operations.

It has a power-to-weight ratio of 30.4kg/hp(CV), that makes it compact and enhances fuel economy.

A fully integrated front loader that is combined with a hydraulic power shuttle offers quick cycle times and makes loader applications highly efficient.

It offers comfort for driver with air conditioning and full sized instructor seat.

Our role

Prowling lions LTD provides these tractors and spare parts to Civil Aviation Authority / Airport from the best manufacturers in Europe.

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Non for profit organisations

Prowling lions are founders of

The Official Engineering Society of Seychelles.

Established on 13th December 2018, the aim of the society is to encourage young Seychellois in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM

This is one of our ways of giving back to the community, the country we have worked with for almost a decade.

The objective of the Society is to encourage and motivate young minds, and mould them in order to support the development of the next generation of Engineers and Scientists.

Success of The Society strongly depends on the individual members and the qualified staff to achieve its mission. Since we are a budding society, to increase our coverage in Seychelles, we encourage each and everyone to join, mainly the young ones. After all that is where the future lies, in the youth of today.



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