Importing into Seychelles

Many Seychellois (individuals as well as businesses) face a situation where they have to buy goods from overseas. The reality is that it’s not something they do very often.

Hence they get caught somewhere along the line and end up facing problems or avoidable expenses.

We have learnt a few things over 3 decades and would like to share some ideas for your benefit.

If you are ordering non hazardous and hazardous goods, try and see if you can get them as 2 different consignments. The haz sometimes get caught in red tape, either at the sending port but more likely at your end, sorry to say I mean when they enter Seychelles. This will cause the complete shiment to be held up, which will result in disruption in your business further down the line.

If you are importing vehicles, tractors , jet skis , engines etc, instruct your supplier to drain off all fuel and lubricating oil before shipment otherwise your goods wil be classed as hazardous. You know what that means? added headache, costs and processing times at every stage.

Importing mobiles or high value gadgets? ask your sender to wrap up in multiple layers making it difficult for robbers to get their hands on your goods during the long journey to Seychelles. Especially if goods are transiting through, sorry to say, Dubai.

With sea freight, do not think you are too clever when you go for the cheapest. You might not be informed by the cunning shipper that it will add a couple of weeks to your ETA. Also they will be carrying out trans-shipment which means less security of your goods, and more handling too, things you must avoid.

Also as soon as goods are shiped you must ask for the B/L or A/W bill. Once you receive these you must make all necessary arrangements before hand for the release of your goods from your customs. Do not wait til the shipment lands in Seychelles.

We are brain storming here in our office for you. We might add more ideas later on. However you are always welcome to ask, yes even if you are not using our services. This is perhaps our way of giving back to Seychelles and the people of the nice country.