Personal Protective Wear.

Personal Protective Wear (PPW)

Personal Protective Wear (PPW) was an exclusive attire for science & technology personnel, commonly referred to as PPE.

It was typically, for the biologist wearing gloves, masks and lab coats doing molecular testing.

or for the Mechanical Engineer wearing coveralls and gloves assembling tools.

or astronaut wearing spacesuits on the moon…

Fast forward to now where a harrowing pandemic requires all of us human beings  on the planet to wear PPW for our own safety and safety of others.

That is the premise of PPW; to be healthy and safe first so that you can work safely and keep the environment & people around you safe.

PPW/ PPE is not just for the laboratory now, we all have an obligation to keep ourselves protected with masks and gloves so we can maintain world health and safety.


Our team sees the spike in global demand for PPW and works tirelessly to ensure client requests of PPW are met quickly.

Most suppliers have leveraged the increase in global demand to  increase prices, sadly this is the law of supply and demand.

This presents a challenge for low income corporations and nations struggling to maintain safety of personnel because they can’t afford to.

We appreciate this challenge so that’s the reason our team maintains good relationships with  renowned manufacturers of PPW in Europe to ensure we get constant affordable supply of PPW in a timely manner and good discount deals.

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