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Hello everyone,

I am Siraj , originally from Mumbai, a qualified engineer , started sourcing in 1995, established in England 1999 Previously Teknik brothers now Prowling Lions after expansion and re branding.

I boast that I have a good team of people to cover  all necessary skills needed to source from UK EU and USA too. My team covers knowledge and experience of general engineering, electrical, electronics, mechanical , computers and networking etc. In other words we can source anything an engineer needs.

We have excellent relations with manufacturers which means you get better prices , genuine quality and reliability, and better lead times than other exporters. Also we are one stop shop for huge range of products.

Our 2 decades of relationship with parcel and sea freight and air freight companies mean you get a preferential good service at no extra cost.

We have a good standing and record with UK tax , customs , vat and other departments.What it means to you is that your goods bought from us pass smoothly  through the system. Hence no waste of your time.

We have a solid time tested process to handle all enquiries and orders from beginning to end. What that means to you our customers is that you get good service consistently.

All big organisations and government parastatals in Seychelles use our services. Additionally some importers use us too. So it is very much possible that you might buy something locally and it might have been sent into Seychelles by us or Prowling Lions Ltd. So why not buy directly from us.

We also provide procurement services to Kumasi airport Ghana. The airport is a brand new development underway since last year.

I visit Seychelles often and will do more now. My wife and in laws are Seychellois.

I love thinking and working out of the box, whatever it takes to get to best results and a happy customer. So feel free to discuss anything no matter how wild or weird it may sound. At the end of the day in business what matters is full use of possible opportunities to all parties involved.

We always select best quality and value for money products for our customers worldwide. Not all procurement companies believe in this principle. We believe that your engineers working on the project require reliable tools and equipment. That will not only keep them happy but more productive and efficient too.

Please do not compare us ONLY on price with other suppliers.

So please feel free to ask to say now or even on 121 basis if that’s what you want. I am reachable by WhatsApp 00447967249066 and email too.

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