Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority

At Prowling Lions LTD we take pride in all our engagements with our esteemed customers. One of our most prestigious customers is Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA).  SCAA provides  services, facilities that aid in smooth running and regulation of civil aviation activities in Seychelles. SCAA has detailed functions as mentioned below

  • to maintain and manage the Authority’s aerodromes providing for the necessary services and facilities.
  • to provide air traffic services within the Seychelles Flight Information Region.
  • to provide for search and rescue within the Seychelles Search and Rescue Region.
  • to provide fire fighting and rescue services and facilities at the Authority’s aerodromes.
  • to regulate and promote the development of air transport.
  • to advise government on all matters relating to civil aviation.
  • to represent Seychelles internationally as the national body in all matters relating to civil aviation.
  • to perform any other function as delegated by the Minister under the Civil Aviation Act

The central functioning of SCAA relies on Engineering  and Technical services. The role of the Technical Services is to ensure proper and efficient operations of the Seychelles International Airport, Praslin Airport and outstations, primary and secondary (back-up) power supply distribution systems, visual aids – airfield lighting systems including control and monitoring, security equipment, public address system, air-condition and ventilation system and various other electrical, electro-mechanical and electronics including Information Technology installations and equipment.

This is achieved by implementing an effective maintenance program and effectively regulating and enforcing aviation safety standards and requirements in accordance with the national and international regulations and practices, and  promoting and developing an efficient, well trained and skilled workforce in the fields of electrical, electronics, electro-mechanical and information technology engineering.

Our Company interacts with the administrators and  Skilled Engineers of SCAA and its clear that seamless operations of SCAA are hinged on the meticulous and professional employees that maintain a good balance between being result oriented and people oriented. The SCAA continues to record robust performance each year that is driven by competition, and influx of visitors to its islands such as Praslin island. Praslin is an island in the Seychelles, in the Indian Ocean known for palm-fringed beaches, like Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio, both bordered by large granite boulders. The main beach, Anse Volbert-Côte D’Or, faces the offshore islet Chauve Souris. Praslin’s rugged, jungle-covered interior is home to Praslin National Park, which encompasses Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve.  Praslin Island is a thriving holiday destination, esteemed not only for its lush tropical forests but also for its beautiful beaches with their soft white sands and sparkling turquoise waters.The influx of visitors into the country is an indication of a stable and buoyant economy as the destination continues to attract airlines and tourists



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