Why Choose Us

Do you want to easily make orders for quality items for your large corporation? Do you need quality items to use in your business/ office? Do you want to buy high quality goods made in the UK to sell in your shop?

At Prowling Lions, we are your hands, eyes and ears for anything you want to buy from the United Kingdom. All you have to do is tell us the name of the item (and the specification if necessary).

We will:

Check and Pack

Our team will hunt out the best quality for price item. When the item arrives at our warehouse we will check it thoroughly and only send you items in perfect condition with secure packaging. It will be shipped to you via air or sea in the most time and cost efficient way possible.

We know how hard it is to communicate with suppliers overseas, with the language barrier and time difference. Prowling Lions aim to take all the extra stress out of your hands. It will just feel like we are your personal shoppers.

Our long experience in the field means we are not contrained by geographical boundaries and our trustworthy contacts will assure you get the best qualiy items.

Payment accepted via:

Bank account

We track your parcel.

We are good at negotiating to get you the best price.

We have good relationships with manufactuers, suppliers and customers.

We work on low profit margins so that the benefits are passed on to our customers.