Personal Protective Wear.

Personal Protective Wear (PPW)

Personal Protective Wear (PPW) was an exclusive attire for science & technology personnel, commonly referred to as PPE.

It was typically, for the biologist wearing gloves, masks and lab coats doing molecular testing.

or for the Mechanical Engineer wearing coveralls and gloves assembling tools.

or astronaut wearing spacesuits on the moon…

Fast forward to now where a harrowing pandemic requires all of us human beings  on the planet to wear PPW for our own safety and safety of others.

That is the premise of PPW; to be healthy and safe first so that you can work safely and keep the environment & people around you safe.

PPW/ PPE is not just for the laboratory now, we all have an obligation to keep ourselves protected with masks and gloves so we can maintain world health and safety.


Our team sees the spike in global demand for PPW and works tirelessly to ensure client requests of PPW are met quickly.

Most suppliers have leveraged the increase in global demand to  increase prices, sadly this is the law of supply and demand.

This presents a challenge for low income corporations and nations struggling to maintain safety of personnel because they can’t afford to.

We appreciate this challenge so that’s the reason our team maintains good relationships with  renowned manufacturers of PPW in Europe to ensure we get constant affordable supply of PPW in a timely manner and good discount deals.

Masks, Gloves & Finger Protection - Steroplast

Your new career with Prowling Lions ENGLAND

25 years of success and the company is still growing. We are on a massive recruitment drive.

We woud like to partner with people who have worked in various capacities in engineering departments , procurement or government ministries.

You will use your connections and relations to furthur the services of Prowling Lions Ltd.

Please send a WhatApp message on 0044 79 67 249 066 stating where you have worked and your job role.

Importing into Seychelles

Many Seychellois (individuals as well as businesses) face a situation where they have to buy goods from overseas. The reality is that it’s not something they do very often.

Hence they get caught somewhere along the line and end up facing problems or avoidable expenses.

We have learnt a few things over 3 decades and would like to share some ideas for your benefit.

If you are ordering non hazardous and hazardous goods, try and see if you can get them as 2 different consignments. The haz sometimes get caught in red tape, either at the sending port but more likely at your end, sorry to say I mean when they enter Seychelles. This will cause the complete shiment to be held up, which will result in disruption in your business further down the line.

If you are importing vehicles, tractors , jet skis , engines etc, instruct your supplier to drain off all fuel and lubricating oil before shipment otherwise your goods wil be classed as hazardous. You know what that means? added headache, costs and processing times at every stage.

Importing mobiles or high value gadgets? ask your sender to wrap up in multiple layers making it difficult for robbers to get their hands on your goods during the long journey to Seychelles. Especially if goods are transiting through, sorry to say, Dubai.

With sea freight, do not think you are too clever when you go for the cheapest. You might not be informed by the cunning shipper that it will add a couple of weeks to your ETA. Also they will be carrying out trans-shipment which means less security of your goods, and more handling too, things you must avoid.

Also as soon as goods are shiped you must ask for the B/L or A/W bill. Once you receive these you must make all necessary arrangements before hand for the release of your goods from your customs. Do not wait til the shipment lands in Seychelles.

We are brain storming here in our office for you. We might add more ideas later on. However you are always welcome to ask, yes even if you are not using our services. This is perhaps our way of giving back to Seychelles and the people of the nice country.





Exception for Ingersoll Rand/Flowserve Products

Alternatives for Ingersoll Rand/Flowserve Products

A number of years ago Ingersoll Rand sold off the Ingersoll Rand  / Ingersoll Dresser / Dresser Rand Reciprocating & Centrifugal Pump operations.

All these companies are now part of the Flow serve Corporation.

You can find the responsible people at

They have very strict sales guidelines and typically they will not sell through third parties, but only deal direct with end-users through their global territory agreements.

For your information, they always need to know full end-user details as well as requiring all machine serial numbers if quoting for parts.

My apologies in this matter, but looking forward to assist in the future wherever we can.

In the meantime, please be mindful that as an alternative, we can still quote and supply the full range of after market parts for Ingersoll Rand and flowserve products if needed.


How I became an engineer. Excerpt from my biography….

Since a young age I developed an interest in technical tasks. From the few gadgets we had I recall staring off with a table fan my dad bought for the study. Mumbai being dusty the leading edges of the fan blades very often gathered dust. I found it interesting to open the fan guard and wipe off the dust from the blades. Taking it further I then one day unfastened the blade from the shaft and took it outside of the house to clear off the dust. This disassembling and putting back of the fan blades gave me a buzz and the joy of being able to take something apart , put it back and find that it still worked.

My  sister soon had a sewing machine and I took on the responsibility of oiling and cleaning it. She was very happy as she could then just get along with her sewing. My grandma once bought a small electric motor to go on the sewing machine, so no more continuous paddling. The trouble was who will install the machine on her sewing machine? I straight away volunteered. I ran to the local tailors shop to see if I could figure out he had put up the motor on his machine. Just a push of the motor paddle and off went the machine.

Kitchen appliances slowly came up and we now had a gas cooker, a kitchen mixer and grinder, a spark stone operated gas lighter etc. I was now the problem solver, the fixer, the mechanic, the engineer, call it what you may. Looking back it was the risk my parents took and the patience of my elder sister that I was able to play with pretty much all gadgets around the house. I remember opening up most gadgets even if there was no need. It was shear curiosity to see what was inside and how it worked and mainly the joy of seeing it working again after I put it up. Even though insignificant, I believe the above led me to university to be a successfully engineer.

Thanks for reading

Siraj Ershad


Seychellois see how we touch your lives


Prowling Lions Ltd is a non “public facing” company based in England, United Kingdom. Hence individuals would never have come across our name.

We do not produce any goods, we help with electrical, electronics and mechanical spares, equipment and tools. We carry out behind-the-scenes activities for the smooth running of huge corporations and even certain countries. We are proud to say that Seychelles is one of those countries.

We foster smooth delivery of industrial and technical goods. Our team together has over 5 decades of experience. Our connections and contacts with manufacturers, dealers and shippers around the globe are huge and impressive.

Would you like to know how we touch the lives of every Seychellois? Read on

Do you drive around on the roads up and down the beautiful mountains of Mahe? You must have driven on the asphalt sealer we provided to waterproof your roads. Next time you use the huge mirrors or the cat eyes, please think of us.

Your welder who made the nice gates and burglar grills at your home has most probably used welding machines and consumables from Prowling Lions. Our wood preservatives made in England are one of the best in the world, and some smart building companies in Seychelles use them to keep their houses and building safe and healthy for a long time.

Your car dealer, your mechanic must have used our vehicle-lift , tyre-changer machine , shaping machine or lathe machine sometime. Talking of body shop, do you remember when you had that little dent or huge bang fixed to make it look brand new? Yes you thought it right, the body fillers have all travelled from our ware houses onto your car.

Talking of environment, the corporations who serve you all keep a good stock of our spill kits for those accidental events. After all we have to look after not only our people but also the marine fauna and flora. Thanks to our eco bins, Seychelles can recycle according to international standards.

Have you ever wondered how the fire department responds and successfully protect life and property so swiftly? Well they are well equipped by guess who? From spares for the fire brigade trucks to tons and tons of fire extinguisher foam, top to toe protection for the professional fire fighter men and women, the fire retardant tents, the fire hoses, the list is endless; we are proud to have sourced and supplied it all.

We are proud to have helped you and your family safe by providing fire proof storage box, fire break glass on the walls, fire alarms, and gas detectors at homes and at work.

Do you go up and down the lift at work, at government offices or at the airport? Our spares keep the lifts going up and down hundreds of times daily at various locations in Seychelles. We guarantee you have dried your hands under our hand drier at least once in Seychelles.

We do not realise the amount of network equipment which goes into the fun we have on facebook , whatsApp and reaching out to the whole world, that’s the Cisco and other brand equipment sourced by our electronics and network sourcing gurus. Our LED lights and lighting panels keep huge buildings, warehouses and plants very efficient and comfortable to work in.

Has your car slowed down when entering the petrol station, yes you though it right. You just went over our speed hump. The pump attendant then takes your instructions and fills up your vehicle, using our valves and pump dispensers.

Your estate gets in electricity most probably from our frequency converter, inverter or generator. The electric generators supplying nonstop electricity to the islands, we are happy to say that we keep them running with prompt supply of spares, equipment and tools. For a decade now Seychellois have benefitted from water running around their homes in our copper pipes. Needless to say, the engineers and technicians involved in supply of water and electricity love Prowling Lions. To us they are the unsung heroes who dig down the rocky ground or climb up the poles like monkeys, so that the public gets an uninterrupted supply of utilities.

Seychelles uses our COD and BOD DIGESTERS : Chemical and biological oxygen demand used extensively in the waste water industry to measure the amount of organic compounds in waste water.

Did you realise the vast variety of pumps used around the island. The water recycling pumps, the vacuum pumps, the submersible pumps, the portable water pumps, the submersible pumps etc etc. Our high quality spares keep them running day in and day out. The water you use every day passes through equipment and spares supplied by us.

Ever wondered why certain places are so super clean, thanks to Karcher power washers they sourced from Prowling Lions.

A vast variety of goods and food are imported into the islands of Seychelles. The countless forklifts are powered by our batteries, the countless roads and the airport runway are kept clean by road sweepers operating on our spares.

Ever noticed beautiful large lawns at places like the airport, hotels etc? Yes the lawn mower, the tractors and the spares come from England via Prowling Lions.

This was just a summary, see the complete list here.

So next time you come across any of the above, please think of Prowling Lions.

God bless Seychelles, God bless Prowling Lions.

Love from everyone at Prowling Lions.


Seychelles in pictures


Countries we export to

Over 25 years of hard work of our engineers and expert buyers has produced happy customers around the world. Prowling Lions have happy customers in the following countries.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Dubai, Ghana


Saudi Arabia


Sri Lanka




Equatorial Guinea



The world is peppered with our happy customers. We have helped them with engineering and technical  goods, tools , spares, raw materials etc….see the list of products here

Presentation by our Director

Hello everyone,

I am Siraj , originally from Mumbai, a qualified engineer , started sourcing in 1995, established in England 1999 Previously Teknik brothers now Prowling Lions after expansion and re branding.

I boast that I have a good team of people to cover  all necessary skills needed to source from UK EU and USA too. My team covers knowledge and experience of general engineering, electrical, electronics, mechanical , computers and networking etc. In other words we can source anything an engineer needs.

We have excellent relations with manufacturers which means you get better prices , genuine quality and reliability, and better lead times than other exporters. Also we are one stop shop for huge range of products.

Our 2 decades of relationship with parcel and sea freight and air freight companies mean you get a preferential good service at no extra cost.

We have a good standing and record with UK tax , customs , vat and other departments.What it means to you is that your goods bought from us pass smoothly  through the system. Hence no waste of your time.

We have a solid time tested process to handle all enquiries and orders from beginning to end. What that means to you our customers is that you get good service consistently.

All big organisations and government parastatals in Seychelles use our services. Additionally some importers use us too. So it is very much possible that you might buy something locally and it might have been sent into Seychelles by us or Prowling Lions Ltd. So why not buy directly from us.

We also provide procurement services to Kumasi airport Ghana. The airport is a brand new development underway since last year.

I visit Seychelles often and will do more now. My wife and in laws are Seychellois.

I love thinking and working out of the box, whatever it takes to get to best results and a happy customer. So feel free to discuss anything no matter how wild or weird it may sound. At the end of the day in business what matters is full use of possible opportunities to all parties involved.

We always select best quality and value for money products for our customers worldwide. Not all procurement companies believe in this principle. We believe that your engineers working on the project require reliable tools and equipment. That will not only keep them happy but more productive and efficient too.

Please do not compare us ONLY on price with other suppliers.

So please feel free to ask to say now or even on 121 basis if that’s what you want. I am reachable by WhatsApp 00447967249066 and email too.

You may complete a contact form here[contact us]

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